The Importance of STEM in K-12 Education Video

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Here’s a nifty little video that has valid introductory points about the need for more STEM graduates to assure the USA’s place in the changing world economy. It suggests a couple of boiled-down fixes for the problem: Model-Eliciting Activites and Project-Based Learning. Then it lists 10 best practices for teaching math and science. If you like info in a nutshell, this is it.

What it lacks is any mention of the lack of diversity in STEM fields and the need to attract women and people of color into such studies and careers. It also lacks any mention of integrating STEM or of including English Language Arts, social studies, music, and art in its practice. But what can you expect from a short and sweet advertisement for a university program?

Despite the criticism, I’m still sharing it to whet your appetite. I liked it! Just stay with Ed on its Head and you’ll learn more and more about integrated STEM and other novel ideas for improving education in our country.

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